We practice roller derby because we love it and because it’s an awesome way of working out!

We are Malmö Royal Roller Derby, founded in November 2012 and managed by roller derby players.

We play flat-track roller derby according to WFTDA rules and regulations.

The reason for setting up a second roller derby league in Malmö is that we’d like to see as many people as possible joining the sport, regardless of gender or age. That means that everyone aged 5 years and up can come and practice with us.

Our aim is to engage adults, children and young people in physical activity, recreational or competitive, and promote our members equal rights and fight discrimination at all levels. And by that we mean every single level possible.

Members attend practices as often as they can and want; members are always welcome to practice, no matter how long they’ve been gone. We want everyone to set their personal goals, which we will support and help to reach. As for now, we practice twice times a week, two (2) hours per session.

One training session is held during weekdays and one during the weekend. That leave evenings and weekends as open as possible for family, friends and other fun stuff!


Registration name: Malmö Royal Roller Derby
Registration type: Non-profit Association
Registration number: 802469-5200
BankGiro account 172-3832

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